Bangor Land Trust Receives Donation 

Bangor Hydro did their part Tuesday in protecting the region’s natural resources.The electric company presented the Bangor Land trust with a $5,000 check.The Bangor Land Trust owns nearly 300 acres of land adjacent to a 1.5 mile BHE power line.President of Bangor Land Trust Lucy Quimby says she wasn’t happy with the aesthetics of the lines at first, but once she realized the habitat values of the lines she was more appreciative.” In an area that boarders on an urban area like ours its just really important that we attend to the natural environment we have around us and really appreciate and nurture it’s habitat qualities and I think that Bangor Hydro is doing a very credible job of that.”Quimby says the donation Bangor Hydro gave them will go towards maintaining and upgrading surrounding trails.