Troop Greeters Welcome Public To BIA 

It’s been six years since the Maine Troop Greeters started welcoming soldiers at Bangor International Airport.During that time, they’ve greeted more than 800-thousand troops as they’ve come home from Iraq and Afghanistan.Sunday, the troop greeters welcomed members of the public to their post at the airport…sharing stories, plus their collection of mementoes given to them by soldiers passing through.The troop greeters have earned international recognition for their dedication to the cause…There are about 40 of them total…and when a plane comes in, day or night, they’re there to give hugs and handshakes.On Sunday, they were happy to open up their home away from home to the public.<"i think it's mostly so we can show the community what we've been able to accomplish over the last couple years and what their community's been able to accomplish, in terms of all the mementoes...and they're appreciative of what's going on.">Since they started greeting in May of 2003, the Maine Troop Greeters have been at the airport to welcome more than forty-one hundred flightsThey also provide soldiers on layovers the use of cell phones to call loved ones while they wait.