Gym Comes to You 

So you’d exercise more but just don’t have time to get to the gym.What if the gym came to you? Lauren Downie is a personal trainer that makes house calls.Tim Throckmorton caught up with her traveling aerobics class at the George Mitchell Elementary School in Waterville.Right after school I can get changed, do my workout and have my evening. Other days I have to drive to the gym, it takes a lot longer.Last month, 3rd grade teacher Patty Gorman told Lauren Downie that she might have trouble making her aerobics class….an idea was born.What if I came to Patty and came up with the idea putting together a group I can travel and no excuses people can work out.It is easier. I’m a member of Champions I love going to Champions but I love having her come here school gets out we get ready we all work out together we’re done by 4:15.There also seems to be a higher comfort level away from the gym.Sure they know people they work together the environment is theirs and they keep each other accountable and the bond gets stronger between all of them so its really cool.The school year is almost over…. but there are plans to schedule the class twice a week starting in the fall.Its a little extra work but its rewarding. I’m reaching people that I may not thats the mission behind it. Its a little effort but definitely worth it because people that wouldn’t find the time or have excuses I’m removing those and giving them an opportunity they wouldn’t have.