Selling Health on a Strip 

A local businessman is having some early success with a new product. It’s sold through multi-level marketers, similar to Mary Kay.But Clayton Fowlie isn’t selling make-up. He’s selling health, on a strip.Fowlie brought Enlyten strips to the East Coast in January. The product delivers supplements through a strip placed on the inside of your cheek.”Rather than ingesting supplements through the digestive tract, they determined going through the buccal mucosa, a highly vascular region of your cheek and gum, could deliver them more effectively and efficiently,” he says.Enlyten was developed by researchers a few years ago. Fowlie, who’s the director of the Maine Center for Integrated Rehab, is hoping they’ll catch on in our area.There are strips with electrolytes, antioxidants, melatonin, energy, and most recently, strips developed for weight loss.”These are things people are using already. We’re just giving them a new delivery system,” Fowlie says.Tim Jundt sells the strips at Snap Fitness in Brewer.”I worked shift work for 21 years and I couldn’t sleep,” Jundt says. “The melatonin made me sleep seven to eight hours. And I haven’t slept more than 4-5 hours in years.”Trainer Stacy Stack says the energy strips work for him.”I recommend this to my clients because it’s the best. This right now, you get the most bang for your buck,” Stack says.Fowlie’s now working with area college sports teams. He hopes to take the product down the East Coast.”I realized as I got involved with the company in the first couple of weeks,” he says, “I was onto something huge.”Enlyten strips haven’t been approved by the FDA. Fowlie says they’re not required to be, and that most of the ingredients in the strips are things people are using already.As with any such product, if you have questions, be sure to ask your doctor.