Hammond Street Senior Center in Bangor Vandalized 

Folks at the Hammond Street Senior Center in Bangor are cleaning up quite a mess, thanks to the work of vandals. And they say it will cost thousands of dollars to fix the damage.Staff members discovered someone threw rocks through the glass of a handicapped-accessible door, a basement window and an historic double-paned window during the holiday weekend. Insurance will cover most of the repairs, but the senior center will have to pay the $1,000 deductible, a hefty price tag for the non-profit organization. Executive Director Kathy Bernier says, “the fact of our having to spend $1,000 on the replacement of these panes of glass will take away from any income we make on our plant sale this weekend that we were hoping to use toward our programs and activities.”The center was already raising money to repair the building’s 100-year-old boiler. Police say they have no suspects and say it will be difficult to find the culprits without the help of an eyewitness.If you’d like to help pay for the repairs, the Senior Center plant sale starts at 2 o’clock on Friday afternoon and 8 o’clock Saturday morning.