Without Him, His Grandfather ‘Would Have Been a Goner’ 

A heroic boat rescue off Jonesport means an Addison man is safe tonight.The rescuer — the man’s own 8-year-old grandson.”It was right between those two bouys,” says 55-year-old lobsterman Lester Drisko. That’s where he went overboard Tuesday morning.”I was hauling a string of traps, and I got to the last one and wasn’t paying attention. So when I dumped the trap out, over the side I went,” he says.The water was cold and he was frozen almost instantly. “I was too tired, too weak to get back in the boat,” he says.The only other person on the boat was his 8-year-old grandson Mathew, who was too small to pull him back up. But what Mathew did next would save his grandfather’s life.”I came over and put the life jacket on him,” Mathew says. Mathew then took command of the boat and kept close to his grandfather in the water for the next 30 minutes, until he was able to head off a passing boat.”I saw him coming over so I stopped him and I said, ‘My grandfather just went overboard,’ and then they went to pull him in,” he says.Leland Faulkingham, Jr. was in that passing boat. He says he’s never seen anything like that.”I said, something doesn’t look right, I knew something must have been wrong…I don’t think he would have lasted too much longer if we hadn’t gotten there.”So how did Mathew know what to do?”Because, he taught me how to shift her in gear and put her in reverse and stuff,” he says.”I just couldn’t have done it, I would have drowned,” says his grandfather. “He’s a hero, as far as I’m concerned.”