Missing Fisherman 

Authorities are still looking for a missing man Downeast.They’ve been searching for 47-year old Robert Anderson of Sedgwick since yesterday.Anderson was last seen sunday Afternoon around 3 pm.He was headed to Flye Island to do some cleaning at a camp located on the island.He was supposed to take his wife Shelley and children back out to the camp for a picnic Monday.Anderson planned to meet his wife around 11 am, but never came to get her and the children.His wife notified the coast guard he was missing.His 34 foot lobster boat, the “Jilly Poo and Alley Too,” was found at anchor in Blue Hill Bay near Flye Island.No one was on board, the motor was running and a skiff was still on the back of the boat.The Maine Warden Service, Coast Guard and Maine Marine control are all helping with the search effort.Four divers were out near Flye Island Monday. A Warden Service aircraft and Coast Guard patrol boats from Jonesport and Southwest Harbor were also called in.I spoke with Anderson’s daughter today, who says he’s a work hard and play hard kind of guy who loves the blues and his family.He and his wife Shelley were high school sweethearts.As of right now , the search for Robert Anderson is still ongoing.