Hampden Memorial Day Parade 

The parade down Main Street in Hampden started at Nine AM.The parade itself isn’t very long as the participants make their way from the Post Home to the Locust Grove Cemetary.But people were finding the best spots along the parade route more than a half hour before it began.” My sister is in the parade so we had to drop her off”” a lady that my mom was talking to she’s in the parade, she told us that these were some of the best seats over here.”” Yes it is the best spot because you can see the people coming down”” celebrating people who have served for our country, pretty much, you know, giving everyone a break to celebrate the warri, soldiers who have meant so much to this country.”” I just love seeing the veterans seeing everyone and smiling because they really helped us and served our country and I think that’s really a lot.”” It’s special to me that he’s in this little town of hampden and he feels like it’s the big one so it’s special seeing him.”” It means a lot because you know my son’s excited and then they go to the cemetary and they you know just remember the veterans and he’s only nine but he gets it so it’s nice to see that.”