One Injured in Corinth Crash 

Police are out in force along Maine roads this holiday weekend, on the lookout for speeders and drunk drivers.They say the heavy traffic is also causing some accidents out there.This crash happened on the Hudson Road in Corinth Saturday morning…at the intersection of the Hudson and Ridge Roads.Sheriff’s Deputies say visibility can be a problem at the hilltop intersection.One driver was attempting to turn left when another driver tried to pass and the cars ended up colliding.One person had minor injuries…and one of the cars was totalled.Officers say it’s a good reminder that the roads are busy out there this weekend, and that drivers need to be extra cautious.<"well, it's a holiday weekend, there are a lot of people out yard saling and hitting the shops and things like that, so just be careful. There's a lot of traffic so just be careful...take your time.">That crash slowed down traffic on the Hudson Road for a short time.