Old Town’s Deputy Fire Chief to Retire 

Old Town’s Deputy Fire Chief is hanging up his hat for good next week.After 25 years, Jim Lavoie is moving on…and as Amy Erickson reports, the Department won’t be the same without him.<"the fire calls are exciting. You get the adrenaline...still do. Even after 25-30 years, I still have the adrenaline when the call comes in."For Jim Lavoie, firefighting is more than a's a way of life.He was hooked from the time he became a junior firefighter."it's been a passion. It was my life, no doubt. When I was 14 years old and put on my first indian tank and helped out the bradley fire department, I almost knew instantly that this is something I want to do."Now, after 25 years, Old Town's Deputy Chief is calling it quits.He's retiring to take a job with the Department of Environmental Protection."i'll miss the job. There's no doubt. I'll miss the fire service.""it's going to be tough for a while.""he started at 15 years old, he's done his 30 years, so it's time and we're happy for him...although we'll miss him."Lavoie's coworkers say they'll miss his leadership..."jim has an amazing local knowledge, being a local kids that grew up in the area. He knows the town and the history and he's followed the history of the fire department and he passes it on to the newer members, which makes it great."Lavoie says retirement is bittersweet, but he'll leave with the knowledge that he's made a difference.He'll never forget the housefire years ago when a little girl he once taught helped get her family of ten out of their burning home."she's the one that said 'Fireman Jim has to have everybody out of the house.' that's what we educate the kids to do.""we don't necessarily pull people out of burning buildings everyday, but those are the kinds of impacts that you make."Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Old Town.>