Keeping Your Pets Safe in Warm Temperatures 

With temperatures rising, it’s important for pet owners to watch out for their animals, especially those outside most of the day.Doctor Dave Cloutier with Veazie Veterinary Clinic says it’s easy to forget pets need more water and access to shade this time of year.It’s harder for them to cool down when they heat up, since they can only pant or sweat through their paws.Cloutier also says it’s important to remember the dangers of leaving pets in the vehicle when its hot, even a short time can cause heat stroke.He says there are some symptoms to look out for.” And if you find that they’re really panting hard and they just seem like their eyes are kind of blood sot and they’re really overheated stop and try to find water, get them in the shade start to cool them down and if they are continuing to have difficulty you actually need to get them to a veterinarian fairly quickly.”Cloutier says if possible leave your pets at home and try to do more with them at night instead of during the day.Police officers urge anyone who sees a dog, or any pet, locked in a hot car to call the police right away.