Brewer Elementary Students Learn Important Values 

Students from three Brewer elementary schools got to get outside and enjoy the sunny weather today.The students were walking for a good cause and learning some important values too.”Caring is the thing to do. It will last your whole life through.”Caring is just one of several values Brewer elementary students are learning about.”It’s based on five values caring, family, trust, respect, responsibility, and we saw a need to start kids out elementary school and trying to instill those values in them.”State Street School fifth grader Angel Greer says she’s learned a lot through the project, but most importantly.”That you should always be respectful and use your community caring throughout your life.”Angel has enjoyed teaching the values to younger children and being a role model for them.she even created a poster to show everyone.”My poster is about trust and it has trust is important.”Throughout the year, the students have participated in several community projects.Fifth grader April Burris says what they’ve done is making a difference.”Well one important thing was we collected items for the people that didn’t have a lot. We collected tooth brushes and stuff like that and I think that’s really important.Thursday, the students brought their values and posters along for a dollar walk to raise money for the staff’s relay for life team.The team will take part in the upcoming Old Town relay.Coordinator Ken Bonstein says its times like these that people need to make the effort to help others.”Well I think it’s important that people give back especially when times get tough. And it’s became even more important with things the way they are now.”