“A Wish Granted” in Glenburn 

Volunteers from “A Wish Granted” have been working hard to finish building a house for a very worthy family.They’re building the Glenburn home for the family of a 14 year old boy with leukemia.Dimitrje Howe-Poteet has been in and out of the hospital for a year and just had a bone marrow transplant, so his immune system is weak.Because of that, the family is unable to live in their mobile home, which contains mold and mildew.So volunteers are building the family a small cabin where dimitrje can recuperate comfortably.They’re making great progress on the home. Today donated drywall was put up.Volunteers say many people have donated time and materials, but more could be done.”More could be donated as far as materials and things but to this point the drywall was donated and the labor has all been donated so it’s been good.” says Alva Philbrook, a volunteer hanging drywall.If you’d like to help or donate supplies, you can call 356-9770.To make a donation, send checks to birmingham’s family market, 10 gilman falls road in old town, 04468. Checks should be made out to “A Wish Granted.”