Sebec Lake Weather Station Part 2 

”Due to health issues, I have to. Actually I have to get out of the cold climate.”The Sebec Lake Weather Station means so much to Bill and his wife Mary Jane that they don’t want to see the data stop flowing just because they’re moving away. So they put their house up for sale and when a buyer came through they showed some interest in all the weather instruments around the yard. Bill explained what he does and jokingly asked them to take over the station as part of the sales contract and they agreed. Meet Reuben Bailey. “If I weren’t taking this over, they would have to shut this station down and start another… find someone else to do it and completely commission a whole new station.”Bill has already introduced Reuben to the folks at the National Weather Service office in Caribou. Now Bill will train Reuben on what observations need to be taken to continue the legacy of the Sebec Lake Weather Station.”The maximum and minimum temperatures for the period, for the day… and sky cover… and any precipitation that falls be it rain or snow or whatever and the time of those occurences.”Reuben has had an interest in the weather since he was a kid, growing up on the family farm in Vermont. After moving to Maine, Reuben worked a few winters plowing roads for the Maine Department of Transportation.”So I took an interest in watching the radar and going… okay… how hard is the system going to hit… doing a little stuff on my own.”And now with the future of the Sebec Lake Weather Station in good hands, Bill and his wife can focus on their move to Virginia and who knows… maybe taking weather observations at his new home. “I’ve already talked to the NWS office just outside where we’re going in a place called Wakefield. It’s a new facility much like Caribou is. And they want me to stop in when I get down there so I’m looking forward to it.”