Copper Pipes Stolen from Habitat for Humanity House 

Construction on a Franklin family’s Habitat for Humanity house has been put on hold after copper pipes were stolen from the construction site.The family and neighbors in Hancock County are doing all they can to find the culprit and get the house finished.”They’ve had very undesirable housing and you know, that’s Habitat’s mission to eliminate poverty housing in Hancock County and they were just the ideal family.”When the Rumill family discovered on Mother’s Day that someone had stolen copper pipes from their unfinished home, they were devastated.”So it was very frustrating, sad and sickening all in one. So it wasn’t a very nice Mother’s Day that way.”The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department says this is an unusual case.”It’s not the traditional copper theft that we’ve experienced in the past where people have gone into an existing structure and have cut the pipes from a boiler that was already installed. These were pipes that were still in the boxes waiting for installation.”Thornton estimates the stolen copper is worth about 200 dollars.”But it’s not the amount that’s of significance. It’s the fact that A, they burglarized the place and B, they stole copper from a needy family.”With the help of Broughman Builders in ellsworth, they’re offering a 500 dollar reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible.”It just seemed like, this organization is struggling to do stuff to help other people, that all of a sudden you have people taking from an organization that needs to have people giving.”April and her family are trying to stay positive, but she says she wishes the culprit only knew who they stole from.”You stole from three children, how do you feel about that? How can you sleep at night knowing that it wasn’t just for two adults that it was for 3 children who need this home just as much as we do.”Anyone with information should contact the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department at 667-7575.We also learned late today that Paul Hanna Plumbing of Belgrade Lakes has offered to donate the copper pipes to finish the home.