High Schoolers Learn Real-Life Finances 

Area high school students got together today to talk about financial fitness.Eastern Maine Community College in Bangor held their fifth annual Financial Fitness Money Management Experience.Over two-hundred students were expected to attend.Local credit unions gave presentations.The event was put on to help make teens more aware of their finances.Organizers say financial education is important to start at a young age.”I think this is a wonderful way of maybe getting them exposed to things like budgeting and savings and trying to be creative monetarily and these are so many of the things they are going to have to do in real life. If they can do them now without having the consequences of making the wrong choice, when they get to make the choice for real they’ll maybe make the choice that is more fiscally responsible.”During the day students were asked to participate in an interactive “game of life”.They were given a scenario packet – with an occupation, income, and credit history, then they planned out their financial future.