A Trip Alongside Ghost Hunters 

Do you believe in ghosts? How about ghost towns?We tagged along with some ghost hunters today who are trying to prove there was a ghost town somewhere in the woods near Greenbush….Meghan Hayward shows us what they found.”It’s new adventure everyday.”An adventure that Harold Murray and his ghost investigating team were about to take us on.We started the first trek to what is being called Riceville case file number two. “The story we’re trying to tell people is from what was reported to us from some of the elders that knew the area and told us the plague was going through here like dysentery, there were a few others.Murray and his team first learned about this ghost town in 2000 and took it on the next year.For the past eight years, they haven’t been able to prove or disprove the town existed, but now say they’re sure it was real. “But with the new information we have now, we know the entire story.”Along the way, they’ve come across quite a bit. “Well we came across, we were told this was a mass cemetery. It took us a few years to find there’s only two to three bodies in here.Ghost investigator Kelly Moore says there wasn’t one person who discovered all of this. “This was a team effort. Everyone found everything. We involved one person that found it, pulled somebody else to help it be removed.”Parts of a leather shoe, a saw, china plates and part of a wagon are just a few of the items this team has uncovered.They’re satisfied with their findings. ” Pretty confident, we were extremely excited that we found these objects and things we had to bring back through our adventure.”An adventure where they say they’ve seen a man plowing and heard a woman screaming.But also one that Murray says is a closed case and ready for the next generation to explore for themselves.