Man Jailed After Turnpike Standoff 

A man from Rhode Island is in jail after a standoff with Police that shut down the Maine Turnpike.It happened Saturday night.State Police say 44-year-old Michael Ostrowski was speeding and led police on a chase from New Gloucester to just south of the Falmouth exit, where his pickup truck ran over spike mats.Police say Ostrowski then refused to leave the truck and repeatedly threatened to shoot himself or anyone who came near it.The standoff lasted close to three hours.Police closed the turnpike from New Gloucester to Portland during that time…traffic was backed up for miles.Ostrowski finally surrendered around 11:30 p.m.According to police, the weapons Ostrowski allegedly claimed to have turnedout to be a BB gun and a cigarette lighter that looked like apistol.Ostrowski is being held at the Cumberland County Jail.