Significant Budget Cuts Within the University of Maine Community 

Tonight we know a lot more about the impact of budget cuts at the University of Maine.At least 140 jobs will be impacted. It includes thirty-two layoffs.Thirty-one positions will have reduced hours and seventy-seven jobs that are vacant right now, will not be filled.UMaine President Robert Kennedy says when they saw the economic collapse begin last fall, that’s when school officials started to get ready for cutting back.But he is optimistic about what the future holds for UMaine.”So the University of Maine is very viable and I think its at least as valuable or more valuable in the future in going forward in our service to the state.”Kennedy says they’ve worked hard to make sure there’s minimal impact to students.Cutting staff will save the school 3-million dollars. We’re told another six million will be saved cutting operating expenses and through efficiencies.