Obstetrics Unit at MDI Hospital Shows Off What They Have to Offer 

There will be an open house tonight at Mount Desert Island Hospital.It’s so folks can check out the obstetrics unit, which has undergone changes in recent years. All to make expectant moms feel more at home.Meghan Hayward has the story.A nice robe is one of the comforts you’ll find in the obstetrics unit at Mount Desert Island Hospital.”It’s excellent care provided with a personal touch and an emphasis on family care.”From the moment you step inside their rooms, they guarantee personal attention.”Each woman gets that individual care and because we as providers perhaps don’t have quite as many deliveries, we can be present in each and every one and really not just be there for the delivery but be in and out through the course of the labor as well.”Water birth is another option the hospital offers to those interested.Some rooms are even equipped with a hot tub that patients can use while staying in the OB unit.Family practice doctor Mary Dudzik says they want patients to not even realize they’re in a hospital.”All the rooms are designed really to be as homey as possible.”A couple of years ago, more space was added to the OB unit. Dudzik says it’s been a significant addition to the hospital.”I think the OB department here is one of the signature departments of this hospital.”Dudzik says they know women have several options as to where they want to deliver and this open house is a way for people to see what their OB unit offers.The open house is from six-thirty to 8 pm tonight.