Local Group Builds Another Home for Needy Family 

Last year the community came together for an Old Town woman who was dying of cancer.Sonya Barclay was able to see her wish come true before she passed. A group of people built a home for her husband and children.Now that group is coming together once again to build a home for another family facing a tremendous battle.”We work with a group that we like to call wish granted.”Because that was what happened for Sonya Barclay and her family in Old Town last year, thanks to hundreds of volunteers including these three guys, John Birmingham, Stan Peterson, and John Gaudet.They’re at it again. This time they’re helping a 14 year old boy who has been battling a rare form of Leukemia for over a year.”We can’t live in our mobile home anymore because there’s trace mold and fungus probably in the entire state of Maine, anyplace you would live.”For Dimitrje Howe-Poteet that mold, fungus and bacteria can be deadly. He underwent a bone marrow transplant a few months ago, and his mother says his immune system is weak.So the folks from Wish Granted have stepped forward to build a small cabin for Dimitrje, his mom and her partner on their property off Broadway in Glenburn.”The cabin has been thoughtfully designed, it’s small but it will be easy to clean.”Our goal is to get him a home to get him through this convalescent period. Over the next 2 years and that time we’ll readdress their residential requirements and hopefully this building will be turned into something we can utilize for non-profit purpose.”The ultimate goal, to help a family like this every year.The framing will go up Saturday then it should just take a few weeks to get the cabin completed.As Dimitrje and his family watch the whole process evolve, they are grateful and promise to pay it forward.”It’s amazing to see community come together.””I’ll be able to live in this new place because I can’t even be anywhere near our old house because of the mold”The wish granted group knows there’s no place like home, and so when they see a family like Dimitrje’s who’s been in a battle for his life, they’re glad to help ease burden.”We want to create a place they can focus on recuperating, recovering and enjoying quality of life that might not ordinarily have otherwise.”The family is already fulfilling their promise of paying it forward.They are holding a fundraiser Saturday, May 16 at the building site at 3202 Broadway in Glenburn. They say they owe a lot to the Ronald McDonald House in Bangor. That’s been their home away from home. The money raised will go to that charity.They’ll be holding a flea market, as well as offering lots of other fun activities including horseback riding.The Wish Granted group also needs some help to get the home completed. They need donations of building materials. You can also make a cash donation to the project at the Merrill Merchants Bank in Orono. Just let them know it’s for the Dimitre Howe-Poteet Fund. You can also make donations to “A Wish Granted”. Send checks to Birmingham’s Family Market, 10 Gilman Falls, Old Town, Maine 04468.