Mock OUI Crash Gets Teens Thinking 

High school students are bombarded with warnings about drinking and driving each year at this time.But teens at Bucksport High got a lesson that will likely stay with them the rest of their lives.It was about as real as it gets.Amy Erickson has more.”These kids are old enough to see. Once they’re old enough to have that license, they’re old enough to have the facts. You can’t mollycoddle them anymore.”State Police detective Brian Strout doesn’t sugar coat it when he runs these mock accidents at high schools around the state.He wants to show teens what can *really* happen when you mix drinking and driving.In this scenario, two teens die when their car is hit by another teen who’s been drinking.From the makeup to the real-life medical examiner and funeral home director, this is about as real as it gets.And Strout says it hits home for most teens.”Seeing their classmates put in a body bag. Seeing their classmates cut out of a vehicle. I think for some maybe it’s the guy being put in the handcuffs. The whole thing together makes the difference.””It was kind of a life-changing experience.”Megan Smith says it was tough to watch…but admits it was effective.”Just seeing it actually happen…and that it’s the kids I go to school with and I know.””Actually seeing it made a huge impact, rather than just sitting here listening to a speech.”For Mitchell Marks, it was seeing the grieving parents that got through to him.”Just like how it affected the people. How they showed the dead person to the parents. I thought that was pretty emotional. It was pretty bad.””Definitely think twice before going on the road after a few drinks.”Strout admits this scenario won’t affect everyone so strongly…but hopes he’s given at least a few of these kids something to think about before they get behind the wheel.”There are certain people that maybe it’s not gonna change them, but if it reaches one person, it’s worth every second.””A lot of times they don’t see the effects today, but it’s down the road, 2 days from now, 3 days from now…when they go to the prom, when they go to graduation.”Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Bucksport.