Effective meetings 

It will likely come as no surprise to you that when workers were asked what is their biggest time waster at work – many said — meetings!You can’t avoid having meetings in your business – as they’re necessary for communication and team building – but you can avoid meetings that are viewed as a waste of time.Here’s how…One – Avoid a meeting if the information can be exchanged some other way such as through an email, memo or brief report.Two – Before planning the meeting – set an objective for the meeting – so you and you’re your participants know what you want to accomplish.Three – Provide an agenda to participants beforehand that includes the topics to be discussed, by whom and for how long. Be sure to stick to the agenda.Four – Set a time limit for the meeting and stick to it! If the meeting is scheduled from 8 -10 – then it needs to end at 10. Your participants will appreciate that you’re respecting their time.Five – Don’t finish any discussion without deciding how you will act on it, who will do it and when.And finally… provide snacks… snacks are always good!