Proper Treatments for Flea and Tick Season 

Spring has arrived and so have fleas and ticks. There have been some reports of animals suffering from health problems brought on by certain treatments.So what should pet owners be watching out for?Meghan Hayward spoke with a Veazie Vet to get some advice.With flea and tick season here, Veterinarian David Cloutier of the Veazie Vet Clinic says its important for pet owners to purchase the right treatment.He says a lot of newer, safer products have been created and are only available at a vet’s office.But older products are still out there and not always safe or effective.”But the fleas are becoming resistant to them, so we’re having to make those compounds more potent to try and get them to work and therefore less safe.”Cloutier says the treatments they use have been well tested.He says by going to a vet, pet owners can make sure they’re getting the correct treatment.”They’re usually picking the right product for your pet. So if you have a really old cat or a mixed household of dogs and cats, we’re going to choose something different than for a young dog. At the grocery store or the pet store, you’re not getting that expertise so you may be choosing the wrong products.”Cloutier says treatments are made up of two components. The compound that kills the actual fleas and ticks and a carrier that spreads the treatment throughout the animal’s body.”I think a lot of the topical reactions, loss of fur, burning, irritation are probably due to the carrier.”But he says the actual poisonings that make animals sick and sometimes cause death, is the compound itself.For owners concerned about the potential dangers to their pets, there are some warning signs.”If your pet doesn’t seem ok, if they seem lethargic, vomiting, really really itchy, any kind of facial swelling, anything like that, if it was something you applied topically, wash it off right away and call your veterinarian to get some advice.”Cloutier says the dosage level depends on the size of the animal.”Often times people will misread it or misjudge or even misjudge how much think their pet weighs.”Cloutier realizes people are looking to save money, but buying over the counter products could wind up costing you more.”Pet owners have their pets on different products that they don’t even need and so they think that they need to put a topical insecticide to keep fleas and ticks off them and maybe they don’t, maybe they don’t even need it.”Cloutier says always check with your vet first.