Hannaford Bros. Decision 

According to a federal judge, only those who weren’t reimbursed for fraudulent charges may sue the Hannaford Bros. supermarket chain over a data breach that exposed more than four million credit and debit card numbers to computer hackers.District Judge D. Brock Hornby dismissed all but one of the civil claims filed after the data breach was revealed in March 2008. Still pending, however, is a separate class-action lawsuit in Florida against Hannaford’s sister company, Tampa-based Sweetbay.Between December and March 2008, hackers accessed card numbers used at 165 Hannaford stores and 106 Sweetbay stores. At least 1,800 numbers were used for unauthorized purchases.Hornby’s decision tosses all complaints that were merged into one lawsuit in Maine except for one, from a Vermont woman who was not reimbursed for fraudulent charges.