Convicted Embezzler Sentenced to Three-and-a-Half Years in Prison 

A convicted embezzler is going to prison for three-and-a-half years.Cecelia Mason of Exeter is charged with stealing more than 100-thousand dollars from the former Asian Palace in Bangor.And more than 300-thousand dollars from David Warren Company, a forestry business in Surry.Mason, who at the time of the charges went by the name Cecelia White, will have four years of probation and has to pay more than 350-thousand dollars in restitution. The state described her as a “serial embezzler.”” She in our opinion was a serial embezzler in that she went from one victim to another essentially without pausing.””I don’t know who that person is that they are talking about. I have all my life tried to be the best person I could be.”Mason is required to make monthly payments of 200-hundred dollars toward the restitution.