Lamoine Man Sentenced for Sexually Abusing Daughter 

An emotional day at the Hancock County Superior Court on Monday.49-year old Kevin Cobb was sentenced on 18 counts of gross sexual assault and unlawful sexual contact.The victim?His daughter.Joy Hollowell has reaction from both inside and outside the courtroom.++++++++++++++++ “You failed me as a father, as my elder, but most of all, you failed me as my hero.”Kayla was just 10 years old the first time she says her father sexually assaulted her. The abuse would continue for five more years and eventually lead to a jury convicting 49-year old Kevin Cobb on 18 counts of gross sexual assault and unlawful sexual contact.On Monday the Lamoine man, and Kayla, were back in the courtroom, this time for sentencing. Cobb thanked his family and friends for their support, then spoke to his daughter directly. “Please find forgiveness in your heart, if not for me, for yourself, as I shall for you.”Supporters for Kevin and Kayla packed either side of the courtroom. Many of them chose to address the judge. Cobb’s attorney, Jeffrey Silverstein, also read a letter from his four sisters, asking for leniency in sentencing.Silverstein argued that his client had no prior criminal record, had held a steady job, and always put his family first.In the end, Justice William Anderson said the violation of trust as well as Cobb’s lack of remorse were big enough factors to come up with this sentence. “16 years in the Department of Corrections, with all but 12 years suspended, so 12 years of time served in prison.”Cobb will also need to serve 10 years probation.Cobb’s family chose not to speak to TV 5. Kayla Garriott did. She says the sentence was not what she had hoped for, but it did help in the healing process. “It’s part of my past, it’s always going to be with me, but I can move forward now, and this was not necessarily a closure, but it definitely closed one door and I can start a new chapter in my life.”