Fire Officials Warn of Lightning Danger 

Local fire crews were out in force Saturday night, responding to reports of fires sparked by lightning.There were reports of utility poles on fire and a few houses hit, but fortunately, no serious damage was done.But Bangor Assistant Fire Chief Rick Cheverie says it’s a good opportunity to remind folks about lightning safety.He says this time of year, people need to be aware of how to protect themselves during storms.His advice? If there’s less than 30 seconds between strikes, that means it’s close, and you should seek shelter.Cheverie says it’s also important for homeowners to know what to do in the event that their house is hit… “If you believe your home has been struck by lightning, the first thing to do is get out of your home…call the fire department and check it out…it can cause a smoldering fire in many locations within a home.”Cheverie says it’s also important for boaters to remember to get off the water immediately if they notice thunder and lightning.