Local Eighth Graders Race Solar Cars 

Some junior high students at Bangor Christian got to see science first hand today.As Meghan Hayward tells us, it helped that the sun was shining.Ready…Set…GoEighth grade science students at Bangor Christian had their solar cars put to the test.In collaboration with the Maine Energy Education Program, the students designed their own solar energy cars.”There’s a great science in just how, what are the different types of transmissions, how do you get a car to go, how do you get the power of the sun to the motor to the wheels.”Science teacher Stacy Boyle says it’s a great way to get students involved who don’t typically enjoy book work.”Some of the ones that really shine at this aren’t typically the ones that shine in the classroom when we’re just doing our normal work. So it’s fun to see the way that they, this is kind of their element and they get a chance to stand out a little bit.”The students had two weeks to put their cars together with a twenty-five dollar budget.Boyle says they’re not graded on the success of their cars.”They get graded more on the process of going through it and what they did if they found problems or mistakes. If the car doesn’t run today that doesn’t affect rather or not they do a good job on their projects.”Eighth grader Victoria Rollins only has one concern about her car.”We have a little bit of a problem going straight. It kind of goes to the right. So other than that I think we’ll do pretty good.”Her partner Neil Bonneville has the same concern.But they both think they were fortunate.”We were actually lucky…yeah we didn’t have as much problems as some of the others.”M-E-E-P Director Peter Zack says he hopes the students have taken a lot from this project but more importantly…had fun.”I’d like them to feel the sense of enjoyment and feel like hey science is really fun.”