Jeweler Gives Gifts to Military Moms 

Some local women got an early Mother’s Day gift Friday, thanks to the folks from Quality Jewelers in Bangor. The store gave away strands of pearls to women who have loved ones serving in the military overseas.”Everyone loves pearls.” Especially when they have such a special sentiment attached to them.Sonny Leclair, the owner of Quality Jewelers, decided to give away a hundred strands of pearls to folks who have loved ones serving overseas.”We’ve been receiving phone calls also from folks who are very emotional and very appreciative.”Friday women walked in to pick up their gift, and they also brought with them pictures and the heartwarming stories of their sons, daughters, husbands and grandchildren, who are serving our country.Women like Dee Mansell.”He is in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. He’s with the 82nd airborne and he is deploying to Afghanistan in August, this is the second tour.”So while she and the other women won’t be able to celebrate mother’s day with their loved one, they will be able to wear this beautiful pearl necklace.A reminder that their sacrifice is not forgotten, and there are many here who are grateful. Dee says she’ll be happy to wear them.”Very proud, very proud. I will wear them with much honor.”