Partnership Provides New Learning Tools For Hampden Students 

Students at the McGraw School in Hampden will have a much easier time doing their math homework from now on…They’re now the proud owners of some important learning tools…and it’s all thanks to a unique partnership between the school and the community.Amy Erickson has the story.<"you can count by numbers."It may not seem all that exciting to grownups, but when these little ones at the McGraw school were presented with their very own was cause for celebration."what do you do to turn it on? You hit the 'on' button."The school has had calculators on their wish list for a while...but with all the budget cuts, there wasn't much extra money to spend.Lucky for the students, the folks at Maine Savings Federal Credit Union stepped in to help.They heard about the wish list from one of their vendors."when he approached us about the need, it was a no brainer. We said sure, we'll take care of it right away."Don Poisson dropped off 300 calculators to the school Thursday...they were an instant hit."i think it's pretty nice of them to do that.""it's going to help us us in math and science and addition.""to divide and help us...add.""usually, you use calculators for math, like 9 plus 2 equals 11."Dawn Beswick is president of the school's PTO.She's hoping this is just the beginning of the organization's partnerships with community businesses interested in fostering learning."i think it's great that the community's helping the school out. It's certainly going to be a need now with the cutbacks with the budget."bite "we're going need to look at more creative ways to raise money and make the difference for the budget cuts.""anything we can do to help education, it really makes sense that we do that. And it helps our community.""i hope what they get out of that is to learn math skills, money skills and hopefully have deposits with us as they grow up (laughs)!"Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Hampden.>