Middle Schoolers Give A Lesson In Bicycle Helmet Safety 

Lights…Camera …Action.Students at Sebasticook Middle School in Corinna took the stage Thursday to show off their acting skills.As Meghan Hayward tells us, it’s a play with a message.Why didn’t I wear my bike helmet?The importance of wearing your bike helmet. That’s the message sixth graders at Sebasticook Valley Middle School are trying to get across.As part of the awesome body project the middle schoolers chose to focus on the brain.Sixth grade teacher Kelly Flagg says they had no clue how well the children would do.”They have just run with it. I mean they took our ideas and they improved them. I mean they made everything so much greater than we had envisioned that it’s been exciting for us to see what they’ve come up with.”All the sixth graders had recently read the book “Mick Harte Was Here” and decided to base their play on the novel. It’s about a boy who rides his bike without wearing a helmet and gets in an accident.”The story was very touching and very emotional too. And it made it perfect for what we’re doing.”The students have spent over a month putting the project together. Flagg says it was a great learning experience.”You know if we could prevent one, its worth it.”Fourth grader Justice Hodges says he got a lot out of the play.”I learned the most is to not ride you bike without wearing a helmet because you can get horribly injured.”Sixth graders Michaela Dumont and Shawna King also learned a lot.”That an inch of styrofoam can save you life. There’s no point of not wearing something. It might make you look bad but it will save your life.””And I think you should wear your helmets because I wouldn’t want to end up like Mick and because the doctors said he could have lived if he was wearing his helmet.”A single story with a powerful message. One that will now echo through the heads of young students.