Winterport Teen Helps Grant Wishes 

A teenager from Winterport had his wish come true.Now he’s working hard to make sure other children have their wishes granted too.At first glance, Tony Cote looks like your average 13-year old.But take a step closer and you’ll find a unique and courageous boy.”Tony was diagnosed with CF when he was nine months old. We had issues from the day he was born. Literally from the time we brought him home from the hospital, well before I brought him home from the hospital, I knew there was something not right.”Tony wakes up at 6 a-m each morning for treatment and takes 35 pills every day.When he heard about the Make A Wish Foundation and the chance to escape it all for a week, he jumped at the opportunity.”It was nice to be able to like get out, stop, take a break with the treatments and stuff. I still had to do them, but it didn’t seem as long. It felt better down there.”Before Tony could escape, he had to choose a wish.He says he had a little help.”My mom pretty much said that I had to do something that wasn’t totally selfish and we had been talking about how we wanted to go to Disney World for awhile and I just decided on that.”A decision Tony is happy he made and one Jim Christie of the Make A Wish Foundation is glad he could grant.”He is just incredible, I mean the kid is a dynamo.”Tony was given V-I-P treatment from the minute he was picked up in a limo.After his experience, he decided he wanted to help other children with their wishes.The Winterport Dream Walkers were created.”Mom wanted something that would have the town’s name in it.”The Dream Walkers are trying to raise enough money to grant two maine kids in the Bangor area their wishes.The average cost of a wish is six thousand dollars.Jim Christie says it’s people like Tony that allow them to be able to do what they do.”When somebody like Tony steps up and says I want to do my part its tremendous, its just tremendous.”