Pink Tulips are Blooming 

The pink tulips are blooming around Bangor, and this year you’ll find yellow ones too. The gardens are part of the Pink Tulip Project, to raise money for breast cancer research.The program was started four years ago, by a breast cancer survivor in southern Maine. She got the idea to sell each tulip, and then plant them in public gardens.The money goes to the Maine Cancer Foundation, plus when the flowers arrive, awareness of the disease blooms among all those who see them.This year, you’ll also see yellow tulips. Community Organizer, Ann Marie Orr says, that’s to let people know that breast cancer can strike in men too. “This is for awareness and breast cancer for men is just as deadly as it is for women and although we have more awareness in early detection, men don’t necessarily. So, it’s important to be aware of that.”There are now eight gardens in Bangor, and two at the University of Maine.To find out how you can be a part of this, you can log onto