UMaine Advertising Students Show-Off Their Work 

Advertising students at the University of Maine got to advertise what they’ve been working on all semester.And it’s a project that will benefit some local businesses.Meghan Hayward reports.Real life practice and experience is what students in the University of Maine’s advertising campaign class have been getting.”So it’s basically a service learning course which means they not only need to learn from the textbook but also use their knowledge in giving back to local clients and solve real-world problems for them.”UMaine seniors spent the spring semester creating marketing campaigns for the Maine Discovery Museum, the Grasshopper Shop and Henry’s Bridal Boutique and Formal Wear.Jeniffer Chiarell, Marketing Director at the Maine Discovery Museum, says working with the students was fun and educational for her.”I’ve really benefited from what they’ve had to say and they had some really good ideas. I love some of the spots and creativity they used.”Chiarell says she wasn’t too surprised at how well everything turned out because of all the work the students put into it.”We kept in conversations throughout the semester and they asked me a lot of questions and that really indicated to me that they were putting a lot of work into the project.”Senior Sonja Fickett worked on the Maine Discovery Museum campaign and says she benefited from the hands-on experience.As the semester comes to an end, Fickett says it is hard to believe it’s done.”Well it’s a bittersweet feeling just because it feels really good to have this accomplishment because we haven’t had the chance to work in this type of environment before. It’s really good in that way but it’s also sad that it’s coming to an end.”But an experience that Fickett and other advertising students will take with them as they graduate and head into the real-world.