Gay Marriage Debate Part II 

(AP) – After a three-hour debate, the Maine House gave final approval to a same-sex marriage bill and sent it back tothe Senate, where a final vote is pending. Representatives voted 89-57 Tuesday afternoon to give the bill final approval after rejecting an amendment that called for aNovember referendum. The bill was sent back to the Senate, which is expected to take it up when it returns Wednesday. The proposal would make Maine the fifth state to allow gay marriage. But it’s unclear whether Gov. John Baldacci would signit. Baldacci remains undecided. Four states now allow same-sex marriages: Connecticut, Massachusetts and Iowa by court orders and Vermont throughlegislation. New Hampshire’s Legislature is actively considering a gay marriage bill.*Below you’ll find the WABI TV5 Script on Adrienne Bennett’s coverage on the topic of same sex marriage. In Part I of her series of reports Adrienne takes a closer look into the lives of one couple and their son. HE MAINE HOUSE HAS VOTED IN FAVOR OF SAME SEX MARRIAGE.TODAY’S VOTE WENT LIKE THIS: 89 YES, 57 NO.IT PASSED IN THE SENATE LAST WEEK BUT NEEDS TO RETURN TO THE SENATE NOW FOR A FINAL VOTE, WHICH IS EXPECTED TOMORROW..THE NEWS HAS OPPONENTS OF SAME SEX MARRIAGE READY TO SWING INTO ACTION.A PEOPLE’S VETO IS EXPECTED TO RESULT, WHICH WOULD GIVE VOTERS THE FINAL SAY.LAST NIGHT WE LOOKED INTO THE LIVES OF A COUPLE OF PEOPLE WHO HOPE IT DOESN’T WIND UP AT THE BALLOT BOX.TONIGHT, WE’LL HEAR FROM FOLKS WHO ARE DETERMINED TO DEFEAT THE BILL.ADRIENNE BENNETT JOINS US LIVE FROM OUR CENTRAL MAINE BUREAU WITH THAT SIDE OF THE STORY.ADRIENNE…MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN – NO VARIATIONS. PERIOD. THAT’S THE STANCE FROM GROUPS LIKE THE MAINE FAMILY POLICY COUNCIL AND THE MARRIAGE FACTS COALITION…TO THEM IT’S AS PLAIN AS BLACK AND WHITE AND IT’S NOT A CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE.”This is not just redefining marriage for a couple of individuals or a small group of society It redefines it for everybody.” SO LIES THE ARGUMENT WITH WHICH OPPONENTS OF SAME SEX MARRIAGE ARE BUILDING THEIR CASE…TIM RUSSEL, DIRECTOR OF THE MARRIAGE FACTS COALITION SAYS PROVING GAY MARRIAGE BENEFITS SOCIETY ISN’T UP TO THEM… “they have yet to do that.” …the preponderance of evidence says the child does best when they are raised by a mother and father.”THERE HAS BEEN LITTLE RESEARCH TO SUPPORT OR DENY THAT CHILDREN RAISED BY SAME SEX COUPLES ARE LESS ADEQUATELY PREPARED OR LEAD LIVES DIFFERENTLY THAN CHILDREN RAISED BY COUPLES COMPRISED OF A MAN AND A WOMAN.CURRENT MAINE LAW LETS SAME SEX COUPLES ADOPT…IT’S ESTIMATED THERE ARE 7-HUNDRED -EIGHTY THOUSAND SAME SEX COUPLES WHO LIVE IN THE U-S AND THAT NEARLY 2-HUNDRED THOUSAND ARE RAISING KIDS…RUSSELL SAYS THOSE WHO SAY GAY MARRIAGE WOULDN’T EFFECT MARRIAGE BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN ARE WRONG. “for somebody to say this doesn’t effect my marriage is kind of like saying counterfeit money doesn’t effect my pocketbook, but you know what? It does. It may take awhile, but it will effect everybody.”REPRESENTATIVE PHIL CURTIS WAS THE FIRST TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE BILL LAST MONTH DURING A PUBLIC HEARING THAT DREW THOUSANDS TO THE AUGUSTA CIVIC CENTER…”parenting will no longer exist.” CURTIS SAYS IF MARRIAGE IS REDEFINED TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE AND FAMILIES WILL BREAK DOWN…”this bill would put a child into a home with 2 mothers or 2 fathers so society’s building block that has been put into place since the beginning of time is being undermined.” “when that is weakened society is weakened.”WHILE MANY SUPPORTERS OF GAY MARRIAGE SAY THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR EQUAL RIGHTS CURTIS ARGUES THE ISSUE ISN’T ABOUT EQUALITY EITHER.. “from my standpoint the issue is not about insurance or retirement it’s the whole marital status is under attack.”KNOWN FOR HIS OPPOSITION TO GAY MARRIAGE GOVERNOR JOHN BALDACCI SAYS HE’S KEEPING AN OPEN MIND UNTIL THE BILL REACHES HIS DESK…” “we’re listening to the debate, we’re researching it “as the world changes you’re trying to be sensitive and what are the underlying issues and what are the discriminations that exist?”YET THERE IS STILL NO ANSWER AS TO WHETHER HE’LL SIGN IT…”i’ll wait till it gets here.”THE SENATE IS EXPECTED TO TAKE ANOTHER VOTE TOMORROW…IF PASSED, THE BILL WOULD THEN BE IN THE HANDS OF THE GOVERNOR.