Fairpoint Woes 

Eleven days after his internet service went out, a business owner in Camden says he can’t believe the problem still hasn’t been fixed.He says it’s hurting his business.”It’s almost impossible to operate right now,” says Raymond Brunyanszki, owner of the Camden Harbour Inn. They use online services to book all their reservations and run credit cards. Except for the past 11 days.”In this day and age, the internet is a vital component to our operation, and we are losing money because of Fairpoint,” he says.The Inn lost service after some server upgrades. But Brunyanszki says after daily calls to Fairpoint, they still don’t know why they’re not back online.He says restaurant reservations are down twenty percent, and taking down everything by hand and using the phone to run credit cards is tying up business.”Well, we’re back to the seventies, we have slips and this thing — I don’t even know what you call it anymore.”He says on the old slips, people are forgetting to tip their servers. And hotel guests aren’t pleased there’s no Wi-Fi.”At some point, I just got, you know, it almost became like a joke to me, that every time when I called them we got the same response. Sometimes they they couldn’t find the account they had opened for us.”A representative for Fairpoint tells TV-5 they’re working on issues like large call center volumes.”That’s likely the problem that we’ve had with the situation in Camden,” says company spokesman Jeff Nevins. “We have detailed plans for pretty much every area where we’re not operating as business as usual.”He says problems cropped up after their recent company switchover, but that they should be back to normal by the end of June.”We did decide to change providers now,” says Brunyanszki, “because it’s been enough.”