Students Break Ground for Ellsworth House 

Habitat for Humanity broke ground on a new house in Ellsworth Monday.A busload of freshmen from Mount Desert Island High School made the job a little easier. “It’s a sweaty job,” says student Dylan Stillman, “but it’s not that hard.”They got to work clearing brush and hauling logs.”It’s not all that bad to get out and do something, move around, just do something good for your town,” says student Lucas Murphy.Their goal — get the land ready for a new house to be built here, for a local family who needs it.”Over here is the 14th house that will be built in Hancock County by Habitat,” says Jimmy Goodson, Hancock County Habitat Executive Director, pointing out the spot.The students had the morning off from school as part of a program to encourage community service.”We were excited when we were sitting on the bus outside the school, just ready to go and get something done,” says student Adam Perruzzi.”These guys, more than any generation I’ve seen come up, including my own, are very, very community-minded,” says their group leader, MDI High School teacher Christiane Cullens.”They look at it as a personal responsibility, something they should do because they can,” she says.Cory Plaisted will one day live in the home that’s built here. He’ll work alongside other community volunteers over the next year.”I feel like I’m on could nine, to see this community pull together for us,” says Plaisted. “We’ve been waiting for a house for a good four to five years and now that Habitat has picked us as a family, it feels great.”