Celebrating 100 years in Bangor 

Many gathered Monday at the Hammond Street Senior Center to celebrate the life of Bernard “Doc” Mann, who is turning 100 next month.”A hundred years is a pretty big milestone, but especially because Doc is such a wonderful human being. There’s just nobody else like him, you know, he’s just so sharp and so fun and loving and caring. I know don’t what it is.” Says Kathy Bernier, Executive Director of the Senior Center.Doc spends a lot of time at the Senior Center dazzling crowds with his musical talents.”Doc had to play his own Happy Birthday song, which is a little unusual, but because he had actually played the piano for us for the last ten years on a daily basis, it seemed appropriate.” adds Bernier. “He played us his little melodies and we all got a chance to revive some of the memories over the years we’ve had with him.”Doc has many happy memories growing up in Bangor.”Doc lived in Bangor where horse drown carriages travelled the streets and trolly cars connected the city’s neighborhoods.””The Celtics came to Bangor one time and I timed that game with their approval” Doc remembers. The Senior Center dedicated their piano to Doc for his birthday and the city gave him a special honor.Gerry Palmer, Mayor of Bangor, presented the gift. “I have a proclamation Doc, from the city. Recognizing Bernard “Doc” Mann on the occasion of his soon to be 100th birthday… That’s the key to the city.””That’s beautiful. It’s my city too.” says Doc.”Yes, it is” adds Palmer.And Doc has a little advice about the ‘key’ to living a long life.”Keep breathing, it happens if you keep on breathing.”