Brownville General Store Re-Opens 

Back by popular demand.That’s what two brothers and their wives from Brownville, are crediting for keeping their general store and restaurant open for business.Joy Hollowell has the story.+++++++++++++++”C’mon folks, let’s all have fun this summer, no more doom and gloom.”John and Don Belvin are ready to rock. In July, the brothers will begin their 6th season of hosting tribute concerts at their outdoor amphitheater and campground in Brownville. In just a few weeks, they’ll rev up their Route 11 general store and restaurant, an opening that almost didn’t happen.”we decided last fall to call it quits, put it up for sale, go back to our original corporate jobs,” says Don Belvin.The Belvin brothers say rising gas prices coupled with a failing economy were just too much competition. After a five year run, they had decided to sell the store. But, there were no buyers. The home grown boys took it as a sign.”We decided, you know, it’s meant for us to keep going. so, by the skin of our chinny chin chin, here we go (laughs),” says John Belvin.That means both men had to find part time jobs. Their wives work full time. But all four owners say they’re committed to making this work. “We all decided six years ago that this was a dream that we wanted to do. And we packed up on our hope and faith and a nickel and a dime, and we ended up in Maine,” says Coleen Belvin.”What really inspired up to re-open this year. was the amount of people that we meet between here and Bangor, saying, ‘Hey, we really miss that place. We want to come back, why don’t you guys do it one more time.,” says Don Belvin.The Belvins believe in community and good old fashioned fun. Now, they’re hoping those two things will be enough of a draw, to keep their dream, in business.”We believe that it’s something that it truly a great thing for Pistcataquis county,” says John Belvin.============For more information on the Junction General store and restaurant, as well as the schedule of upcoming concerts and movies this summer, you can log onto