Camp Bangor Citywide Cleanup A Success 

Bangor’s city parks are looking a lot cleaner, thanks to the work of some dedicated kids.Saturday was the 10th annual Citywide Cleanup…it’s part of the Camp Bangor program.It offers a summer camp scholarship to Bangor Public School children enrolled in grades four through six. In order to receive the scholarship, each child must complete some form of volunteerism. Hundreds turned out with trash bags and gloves, to get the parks in good shape for the summer.<"i think it's a great park and if you have trash on the ground, it might hurt somebody. If some little kid comes along and sees it, he it...not so good. And it wouldn't be the best thing if you go running and step on some could hurt yourself.">The volunteers and their families were treated to a barbecue at Howard Street park after the cleanup was completed.