Opening Day at the Observatory 

Attendants at the Penobscot Narrows Observatory say they’ve gotten off to a good start this season.”It’s a foggy rainy day today, but we’ll still have 30 to 40 visitors.” says Harold Beck, an observatory attendant. Lynn McDonald, another attendant adds, “Some are recurring customers and other people are new in the area. They’ve come for a visit. I just had some folks from Florida that came in, that are visiting some friends up here.”The tower in Prospect is one of three observatories of it’s kind in the world, but this Maine marvel has a special claim to fame.”It’s the only bridge observatory in the northern hemisphere and it is the tallest one in the world that is open to the public.” says Beck.The tower is also home to the tallest and fastest elevator in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.McDonald says, “Their elevator ride will be 50 seconds up to the top to 400 feet, even though the actual observatory itself is at 420 feet.””On a really clear day, you can see about 70 miles to the north and you can see Cadillac Mountain to the east, about 40 miles away. And you can see down to Penobscot Bay, about another 30, 40 miles in that direction.” adds Beck.Visitors say this birds-eye-view is out of this world. “Breathtaking, it’s beautiful.”The observatory is open through October from 9 to 5, seven days a week. They have extended hours in July and August.Tickets are five dollars for adults, three dollars for children ages five to eleven, and free for kids under four.