Lincoln Twins Beat Odds, Celebrate 18th Birthday 

Turning 18 is a milestone for anyone, but for Emily and Adam Libby of Lincoln, it’s really a miracle.”How are we related? Are you my brother? Yes, my brother. No, I’m your sister. Twin sister right”A lot of people are surprised to hear that Emily and Adam Libby are twins. Adam has Down Syndrome, a diagnosis that came as a shock to his mother Vicki Clay right after the twins were born. Plus she was told her newborn son had other severe health issues.”Adam was born with a congenital heart defect. Two holes in his heart and he went into congestive heart failure three times before he was seven months old.”Adam had open heart surgery at just eight months old, and a pace maker was implanted a short time later.And over the years, Adam has had to deal with other health issues, some that nearly claimed his life.”It’s really hard to deal with. The doctors can’t always tell us that he’s gonna be o.k. It’s just hard sometimes.””So we feel very fortunate that Adam has made it to 18, and he’s had Emily with him the whole time, kind of like his own guardian angel, they’re just such a cute set of twins.”But for Adam and Emily, their relationship doesn’t seem like anything special, in their minds they’re just your typical twins.”Pretty much, It’s just like normal brother and sister. Do you guys fight? Yes, he can be very grumpy sometimes can’t you? No”Yes they do disagree, but they also think very highly of each other. Adam says this about Emily”She’s pretty cool”And Emily says she wouldn’t change one thing about her brother.”I think the coolest thing about Adam is that a lot of people just care what other people think about them, and Adam just goes out there and does what he wants. He’ll be singing to whoever at the Grocery store, or he’s just live entertainment all the time.”Today he decided to sing a few lines from Beauty and the Beast.”The joy that he brings to people to see it on their face, the enjoyment that they get out of him, and the stories I hear from the school. That adds a lot.” And so as Vicki thinks back to the initial diagnosis of her precious baby boy, and the difficult times over the years when Adam nearly lost his life, she remains grateful for every moment that she gets to her enjoy with her children.”I had a strong faith in God and my minister came to me and brought me a book about the miracles in life and how miracles are found in the most unlikely places and he said you have a miracle on your hands and you just don’t know it, and now I look at them, and I’m like yeah, they’re a miracle.”Emily says, “She just didn’t think he was gonna make it through, and a lot of my family didn’t think he was going to and now, we’re 18 Adam, Right. That’s nice, yeah, that’s nice.”