Guilty of Murder 

Guilty of murder. That’s the verdict in the trial of Joseph Dumas of Prentiss, who shot and killed a friend in the fall of 2007.After deliberating over two days, the jury announced its verdict today.There was no reaction from Joseph Dumas as the verdict was read. Later, there were tears. His attorney says Dumas still doesn’t know why he shot his best friend, Mario “Sonny” Litterio.Dumas is facing twenty-five years to life in prison and will be sentenced at the end of June. Jurors had some questions Thursday about expert testimony related to cocaine-induced psychosis, which was a significant part of the defense’s case. Some testimony was re-read to them this morning.Once that was through, it took jurors less than an hour to return the guilty verdict.”We appreciated the effort that the jury has put into this case,” says defense attorney Richard Hartley. “They certainly thought very hard about the evidence that both sides put forward. We believe that they analyzed that evidence and I certainly respect the verdict they have given.”The state says they’re pleased with the outcome.The Litterio family says they are relieved.Joseph Dumas’ wife, Cheryl, says she still doesn’t believe her husband intentionally shot their friend, and she still loves and supports him.She says if there’s anything we can learn from this case, it’s the dangers of drug use.