Cafe in Ellsworth Has A Unique Named Sandwich 

A cafe in Ellsworth is serving up a sandwich with a familiar name.One you may have heard of.Customers dining at Karen’s Café in Ellsworth may be surprised when they open the menu and see a sandwich named “The Channel Five.””The Channel Five is a toasted bagel of your choice with cream cheese. It’s open-faced, red onions, tomato and locks which is a smoked salmon.”For seven dollars and fifty cents, you too can have a bite of channel five.Cimeno says the sandwich is a hit with locals.”Aww they love it, thumbs up. I get a couple that constantly comes in. That’s all they order the Channel Five. She says it is perfect.”Cimeno moved to Maine from ,Massachusetts, where she owned a deli.She wanted to bring some local names to the sandwiches she serves. The Channel Five was created.”I was looking around at the channel stations and the radio stations and discovered this sandwich, well breakfast sandwich has five ingredients, so right away just Channel Five came right to me.”No matter what the diners order and are served. Cimeno says they’re getting a tasty meal.”A lot of my food is down home, the dressings, the breads, a lot of the baked goods. So home cooked.”Cimeno hopes the customers keep her busy and keep coming.