First Shipment of Rollins Wind Project 

Some pretty big stuff arrived in Eastport on Thursday.Twenty blades, each 125 feet long, pulled into port aboard a cargo ship.It’s just the first shipment of large equipment that will be assembled into wind turbines to generate power here in Maine. “I can not tell you exactly how much this day means to us and ironically what sits behind me or stands behind me today is really what is before us for the future.”A future that’s looking up and one Gardner says has been made possible by the Rollins Wind Project in northern Maine.The project consists of turbines that will produce enough clean renewable energy to power more than twenty-three thousand homes.It will also create jobs for a number of people who have been out of work. “[Thursday] they are working, they’re importing the new industry to Maine, which is wind power. And I’ll tell you, that means very much to them.”Matt Kearns, First Wind Vice President of business development in New England, says this is a time when residents of Washington County should be happy to live where they do. “So while the rest of the country has tough economic times, bad news keeps coming out, we have good news in Washington County. Today we have something really to be proud of.”First Wind played a key role in ensuring the blade shipment went through Eastport…the first 20 blades arrived Wednesday evening.Crews spent Thursday unloading and placing them on the trucks that will transport them to project sites in Lincoln, Burlington, Lee, Winn and Mattawamkeag. The economic downturn has affected Eastport, like so many other small towns, but they are ready to move forward….. “We have to level the playing field and we have to do that by being unique and we have to do it by doing things that are different from other communities.”