Maine Day 

Black bear pride filled the UMaine campus in Orono Wednesday.A morning parade kicked it off.The University of Maine Campus was the sight of fun games, sizzling food, and students having a good time.Wednesday marked the university’s annual Maine day. “It’s a day of service for the community we begin with a great parade. We had about 1300 students this morning celebrating the onset of Spring and the coming finals.”Events were planned all across the campus and throughout the entire day.The Delta Tau Delta fraternity set up an event called bash out drunk driving. “We wanted to be really different so we were like lets take a car and let some students take out some stress.”And bash they did.All proceeds from the event will go towards Mothers Against Drunk Driving.And for one UMaine student the event hit close to home. “At the age of 6 I was injured in a drunk driving accident and as a result I am a paraplegic. And it will be 23 years in October that I’ve been in a wheelchair because of drunk driving.”Hadley thinks this event is a great way to get the word out. “Especially on college campuses. I feel it’s really important to get the word out because the demographic of people around here tend to drunk drive and they don’t really think about it.”Though for some students Maine day wasn’t all about having fun in the mud or winning at human foosball.Some spent their day beautifying the UMaine campus. “It’s very important. A lot of times we take things for granted. We don’t have to work very hard as students but being able to take time out of your day to do this is something nice a way to give back to the campus.”No matter how they students spent their day…they all had a great time. “It was exciting to play with my co-workers it was great.” “It was chilly but it was good, it was great.” “It’s wicked awesome. Why is it so awesome? I just like being outside with everyone and seeing people I don’t see much because I live off campus”