Seniors at Local Center Make May Baskets 

Have you ever made a May basket and left it on someone’s doorstep?Members of the Hammond Street Senior Center have been putting their artistic skills to work and have done just that.<"In days past on May First, it could be a Unisex a male or female and young to old and you would go knock on a neighbors door or ring a bell and leave a basket, and when someone comes to the door, you wait long enough for them to see who it is and they're supposed to chase you and give you a kiss."An old tradition that Kathy Bernier says is tailor made for the past generation, but one she hopes to bring forward to the next...It made for a great activity for seniors to get involved with."It was something they were use to doing so it was fun for them and also the making of the fudge, they also know how to do that, it's kind of a lost art."The center has spent the last four weeks creating the May baskets. More than one-hundred and fifty were made.They went on display Tuesday and are available for the public to purchase. Even the pattern of the basket goes back in time."I found this pattern on the internet out of a 1947 magazine. So this is an original 1947 May Basket design."Member Mary Huskins grew up learning how to make may baskets and says she hadn't seen one in awhile. But that doesn't mean she's forgotten the tradition."We always put candy in them and we would run to our neighbor's place where there was a good looking man and hang it on the door and hope they would come out and chase us."Even though Huskins is enjoying all the baskets, she's still partial to a particular one."Well because it just brings back memories, they were so pretty to me."If you are interested in picking up a basket you can stop by the Hammond Street Senior Center during their regular business hours...from 8:30 a-m to 4:30 p-m.