Dumas Murder Trial Begins in Bangor 

The murder trial got underway on Monday in the case of a Prentiss man charged with shooting his friend.The state’s attorney said bluntly — this is not a “whodunit” trial.Both sides in this case agree that by all accounts, 49-year-old Joseph Dumas did shoot his friend, 70-year-old Mario “Sonny” Litterio five times at a camp in Prentiss in November of 2007. Litterio was shot in the head and shoulders at close range, four times with a revolver and once with a rifle.The state hopes to prove Dumas did commit those acts “knowingly, or intentionally.”Defense attorney Richard Hartley, however, says Dumas was using an excessive amount of cocaine at the time of the shooting.He plans to introduce the jury to a state called “cocaine-induced psychosis,” which he says influenced Dumas’ actions that day.”Joe Dumas has absolutely no history of violent behavior and his reputation in the community will establish that,” says attorney Richard Hartley. “Secondly, the evidence will show unquestionably that Mr. Dumas and the victim in this case, Sonny Lotterio, were really best friends.”The jury began hearing from the state’s witnesses Monday morning.The trial is expected to last at least until Thursday.Dumas has been held without bail at the Penobscot County Jail since his arrest.