Dry, Windy Conditions Prompt Fire Warning 

The warmer temperatures have many Mainers getting their yards in shape for summer, and that often means burning brush.But local fire departments are cautioning folks to hold off before lighting any fires these days.The high winds and dry conditions have the fire danger at a Class Three right now: that’s high danger.Lieutenant Troy Lare of the Bangor Fire Department says even small brush fires or campfires can get out of control when the winds are blowing like they are today…and when the ground is as dry as it is right now. “It’s been reasonably dry, even though we’ve had a little rain the other day. The grass is starting to green up, but there’s still a lot of dead undergrowth, it’s still pretty dry in the woods. You’re going to get a fast-burning surface fire these days and you may catch some pine or fir trees on fire as well.”Lair reminds homeowners that every municipality in the state requires a permit for any burning.All you need to do is contact your local fire department.